Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Place is a Mess!

Where's the counter?

Probably the same place the dining room table is hiding!

I sigh with longing when I look at the Christmas decorating photos I posted a few days ago. Not that I want to go back to celebrating the holidays. I just want to go back to a clean house. This place looks like a tornado hit it. You know, the mid-winter cyclones that whip through in January. Usually I get fired up for a big clean up project and I persevere 'til the job is done. Not tonight.

That means I have the dreaded "Wake up facing a mess" morning awaiting me. Ugh. I should get off the computer and work a little harder! The Christmas decorations are half up, half down and the stuff that is down is strewn about the house like we've had a wild party. If only! Just us five funsters, living life and making a mess in the process.

I'm beat, so like Scarlett, I'll think about finishing this job tomorrow (and following up with a deep clean on Saturday). Now there's something to look forward to!


Lindsay said...

Oh, we just got all of our Christmas decorations put up last weekend, and we gave our house a big cleaning too. It's definitely a major job, but everything always looks so nice and neat after all the work is done! :)

~ Blessings,

Mike said...

you should see our house and then you wouldn't feel too bad!

Leah Marie said...

it looks good now mom! ...After a day of hard labor! :)