Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Splash!

It was a lovely day on Tuesday and Leah and I took the dogs for a walk out in the fields.  The temperature was warm and the sun was shining so the snow was melting.  Around here, melting snow in March means fun little rivers of rushing water to play in.  Luckily, Leah and I wore our Bogs (best mud/water boots EVER!) and so we were free to stomp, splash and wade to our heart's content. 

I didn't remember my camera so I resorted to snapping photos
with my cell phone.  Any port in a storm, right?

Luckily, Leah was a willing model.

We were having fun

playing in the little rivers of rushing water.

I cannot tell you how musical the sound of
rushing water was to my ears!

I don't know why the next two photos ended up
sideways, but I'm not deleting them!

Lacey was cold and shivering, so Leah was kind enough
to transport her around the rivers and "lakes" so that she
wouldn't have to walk through them.  As you can see,
she got plenty wet anyway.  She's an adventurous little pup
and is always a willing walking partner!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Used Book Sale Blues

It's "Used Book Sale" time again.  Last year I thought I had a lot of books when I brought 15 boxes to the sale but I think I can top that this year.  I've created a massive mess of books and boxes ALL OVER our house.  Such as:

My desk chair

The kitchen island

Another kitchen countertop

The dining room table

The library

The bonus room

And, the back entry.

Trust me when I tell you that the photos do not do the mess justice.  It's only gotten worse since they were taken.  I may have to go out to the shop and rummage up a few more boxes.  The real question is, who is going to help me load all these boxes in the truck and then unload them at the sale?!  I think a little bribery may be in order here...

The sad thing is, even with all these books leaving the house it is hardly noticeable on my shelves.  I've been collecting books for the past 25 or so years and I've amassed quite a library.  I hope I sell my books and come home with empty boxes.  It's time to part with some of the collection!