Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend at the Lake

Every year it's a tradition to head north for Memorial weekend.  This year the weather was cool but we managed to find plenty of things to do and had a great time.

Nature hike.  The only wildlife I see is the fearsome Lacey at Cody's and Emily's feet!
The girls are overseeing the men as they assemble our new patio set.
 Occasionally we head into town for a challenging game of mini-golf. 
Usually I dominate but this year Cody was the champion. 
Daniel was looking tough on a stump, midway through our game.
Love on the putting green.  Ha ha!
Hanging out on the dock, watching Daniel on the paddle board and fishing.
The water was freezing, so Daniel had quite the incentive to stay upright.
Leah showing us how it's done on a blustery day.
The guys out on the tube.  Seriously, the water was freezing. 
I have no idea why they wanted to tube.  Ah, the craziness of youth!

Mike doing what he loves: fishing!  Unfortunately, not much was biting this weekend.
Canoeing at sunset.  Even when it's chilly, there's always plenty to do at the lake!
I hope your Memorial weekend was fun and memorable.  These photos are just a small part of the story.  We squeezed in a few dinners out, a roaring campfire, Sunday morning worship at Spider Lake Church, a few badminton matches, hanging out on the hammock and a little cleaning as well.  All in all, another great weekend up north!