Friday, January 15, 2010

Theodore the Wonderdog

Check it out! What do you think of my new blog? Isn't Emily amazing? She's a creative genius I tell you! I don't know how she does it but it's nice that she does.

I wasn't sure what to write about but Daniel tells me I should write about Theodore. He's just a pup, not quite a year and a half old and he's Daniel's dog but I think he thinks he's my dog. He follows me everywhere and lays at my feet (or, preferably, in his mind, on my lap when possible). He's a small dog, only 12 pounds but he thinks he's a big dog. He's very protective of our family. He's a schnoodle, which is a mixed breed of schnauzer and poodle. Schnoodles aren't supposed to shed, but he does. Not very much though.

Theodore loves to go for walks and he doesn't care what the weather is like if he can be out on the trails. Warm and sunny or cold and snowy, he's just as happy either way. In fact, he likes to dive in the snow and burrow around in it. We've got quite a few trails on our property and our neighbors have trails, fields and woods as well and they are gracious enough to share with us and the dogs. One neighbor has traps set for the coyotes but the other day he caught Theodore. It's a snare trap that won't hurt the animal initially so we were able to free him unharmed. Theodore is too curious for his own good! These days I have to wear my snowshoes when we walk because the snow is so deep. I enjoy snowshoeing. It's fun and a good workout as well. One of these days I'll bring my camera along and take a few shots of the dogs and all God's creation in its glory.

Theodore needs a little training. Okay, maybe a lot of training. I'm the only one he listens to and it's marginal at best. If he didn't worship the ground I walk on he'd be gone. In addition to loving walks he loves to chew on things. For a time he satisfied his chewing desires by chewing on the walls and woodwork in our laundry room and also our furniture on the screen porch. Too many things show the marks of Theodore's teeth around here. I think his chewing days are on the wane, thank goodness, or he might end up needing doggy dentures.
It's hard to stay upset with such a loyal pup. He's laying right next to me on the chair, right now. On a cold winter's evening, it's nice to have a warm little friend at your side. Good old Theodore, the wonderdog!


Lindsay said...

I love your new blog look!! Emily is quite talented. Oh, and Theodore is just adorable!! He sounds like a good puppy. :)

~ Blessings,

Leah Marie said...

He is pretty cute ma. Whenever your'e gone Theo always follows me around like he doesn't know what to do when your'e not there!

Auntie Cake said...

Your daughter actually found me, and just thought I would pop over and say hello, neighbor... (I live just outside of Minneapolis...)So sweet that your family is into blogging, take care,

Mike said...

Wow! sounds like a lot like our
little doagy. I caught mine in a trap too, once. a couple of our cats too. can't imagine what it would be like if we didn't have our 'Little Bit'.
nice background, btw.