Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Battle of the Blogs!

Well, you might wonder what I mean by that title so let me share the latest, greatest news in Blogdom. We have another blogger in the house, my middle child. My oldest girl thought it would be fun for her younger sister to have her own blog and a few hours later she's the proud owner of "Belle fleur des Champs". Huh? I do not speak french and can't even tell you what that means. Oh, I've been told it means lovely wildflowers. Why not just call it Lovely Wildflowers then? Oh, I've also been informed that that name was already taken. Pretty soon everyone is going to have to name their blog with in a foreign language because all the good english ones will be taken. Thank goodness I grabbed Can Do Mom while it was still available! (Yeah, like there's really going to be a run on that one, heh heh...)

I've already whined my tale of woe about my laptop's untimely death (wow, they last about 48 hours now!) so we're sharing the family PC. A certain someone wants to blog while her mother wants to blog. Who will win the "Blog Battle"?! Here's your first clue: I'm bigger and I pay the bills (with my husband's hard earned money) so I'm blogging and she's waiting (im)patiently, saying things like, "tick, tick, tick..." Funny, huh? I should banish her to her room for a month. Yeah! That's a great plan. Except who would do the dishes and clean up the kitchen after dinner? Scratch that idea.

Okay, I'll play nice and share. Blogging is good for social interaction and it might even help her with her writing and spelling skills! Maybe I can even call it Computer Literacy Studies and give her a half a credit at year's end! (Just like a typical homeschool mom, I'm always looking to pad my child's transcript. Guilty!)

Don't shed too many tears on my behalf. My laptop replacement is supposed to be up and running tomorrow evening and then I can be as selfish as I want. I can blog to kingdom come and never have to share - Insert evil cackle here - it will be mine, all mine! That's supposed to be funny. Don't worry, I won't neglect my darling children when my new toy is all set up. As if they'd let me! In the meantime, she's giving me a countdown and generally being annoying in an effort to win the computer back so I will acquiesce gracefully and bid you adieu. Guess all that foreign language stuff is wearing off on me...

Au Revoir!


Emily Anne said...

Mom! You're way too funny! When did all of this happen? Today? Hahah I love you both... AND the french name. :)

WendyBee said...

Just found you, via Emily Anne, who visited my blog. When I was growing up, I waited through 2 of my Mum's pregnancies for a sister, to no avail. She let me dream that she would name my little sis "Emily Anne", but instead I got Michael James and Jonathan Daniel. (Not that I don't adore them, mind you, it's just that I already had a brother, and time was running out!)
Love your blog. Jealous of your decorating skills. Thanks for the pics of your Christmas deco.