Saturday, October 30, 2010

Girls Stockholm Trip

The Smiling Pelican Bakeshop in Maiden Rock, WI.
An unbelievably good bakery - worth the trip!
We bought cookies, muffins and a loaf of bread just waiting to be tasted.

Mom and the girls just outside the bakeshop with our goodies. Yum!

The old post office and now museum in Stockholm.

We usually eat at Bogus Creek Cafe in Stockholm.
The food is good and they always give you a basket of fresh
baked breads with flavored butter. Mmmmm!

Leah sees what is left for her after Emily ate her fill.
(Not really! It's a joke guys!)

My lunch, Chicken & Dumpling Soup. Yum!

Leah sitting in the arbor and petting the
Bogus Creek dog.

The entry to a lovely amish furniture shop.
I'm a sucker for a red front door!
This sign was inside the amish shop.
I think I need a sign like this to hang in my house!

Stockholm has blue bicycles located throughout the town
that you are free to borrow and ride about.

Leah showing me the Zak bowl she wants for Christmas.
She's already got a Zak cup that she loves!

A cute little hut at the Chicken Coop Antique shop.

I loved this display of antique colored glass in the window.
Isn't it beautiful?

Today was the day my mom and daughters and I made our annual fall trek down to Stockholm, WI. It's just over an hour south of us and it makes a delightful day trip. We've been going down there since Leah was a baby and she's now 14 so you have an idea of how many trips we've made.

It all began fifteen years ago when my dear husband and I were driving south for a special anniversary outing to a bed and breakfast. Just so you know, Mike is not really a B&B kinda guy. He's not all that into "quaint" and he deems B&Bs very quaint. Even so, way back then it was our five year anniversary and we wanted to do something special and so he was willing to endure quaint for a couple nights. As we drove to our first B&B we drove through Stockholm at night and I oohed and ahhed over a beautiful old building all lit up. It was an Amish quilt shop and it just beckoned to me. Did we stop? No, we did not. Mike is not a shopper and even the pull of Amish quilts was not enough to make him change his mind! He told me to go back and visit with my mom at a later date and I took him up on it!

So, for about 15 years we've been enjoying visiting Stockholm. Some shopkeepers have grown to be old friends through the years. One woman in particular has helped me decorate my home! I've got things from her shop all over my house! Sadly, (for me) she just sold her shop and today was probably the last time I'll see her. I had my daughter take a photo of the two of us "just because". Other shops have come and gone through the years. We still miss Pepin Toys, a wonderful toy shop run by two sisters. That place was a treasure! Still, many wonderul old favorites remain and we are always making the acquaintance of new people as well.

The weather was cool and fall-like but the sun was shining and we enjoyed a box of chocolates I grabbed for the road. Mmmmmm... It was truly a delightful day. I'm so blessed to have these special times with my mother and daughters. What a treat!


WendyBee said...

What a wonderful day! And what a tradition to treasure.
Great photos!

Leah Marie said...

yay! these are really good. even if i do look like i don't have much hair.
oh well.:]

Leslie said...

Looks like a wonderful place! I LOVE the display of antique colored glass, and I'm a sucker for a red door myself : )

Thanks for telling me the second half to the "i see the moon" nursery rhyme. I didn't know it had a second half!

Kate said...

How fun! And what is in Leah's hair? I love that knitted headband/wrap!

Can do mom said...

Thanks for your kind comments!

Leslie, I don't even know if the two halves are meant to go together but that's how it was sung to me. :)

Kate, Leah is wearing a really cute knitted headband wrap that, sadly, we did not make but picked up when she simply could not resist it!

It really was a fun day for all of us. :)

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Looks like you had a great time. What a cute town. Im a sucker for a red door too.

pilgrimscottage said...

The Amish have so much talent. Love their quilts. I enjoyed this post. The photos are great. Love Leah's head scarf.

Libbie said...

What a cool tradition! What memories you are making! You are giving me some good ideas :) & I am in Red Wing a lot so I will have to get across the border more often :)