Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mom and Daniel's Day Out

Old jewelry in an antique store in Stockholm, WI.

Daniel's new "prize" that I let him pick out at the curiosity shop.
It's a magnetic base with little men and bars that you balance.
The whole family is having fun playing with it!

Daniel giving me the thumbs up in a little park in Stockholm.

Yummy grilled cheese! Was it worth the hour wait?
Doubtful! Did we have fun getting to know our "neighbors"
while we waited? Of course!

Our favorite pumpkin patch where we loaded up the car
with pumpkins of many varieties and squash and indian corn.

Daniel and I had a fun Mother/Son day out on Saturday. We drove to a little town called Stockholm just over an hour away. The fall colors were breathtaking and the weather gorgeous so it was a good day to go.

I have been going to Stockholm with my mother and daughters for years and we always come home and tell Daniel how much fun we've had. Finally he had had enough and decided it was HIS turn.

There is a wonderful old curiousity shop in town that I knew Daniel would love and I was right! He and the wonderful old proprietor talked for over an hour. He had a lot of treasures that was right up Daniel's alley.

Now Daniel is not so sure that he wants us to go without him so we might have company when we venture down there again in a few weeks.

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Leah Marie said...

i'm glad ya'll had fun! i hope next time i'll be able to come, too! :]