Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cabin Fun & Applefest with Friends

The princess in the forest...

The girls on the old iron bridge with
Lake Superior in the background.

Little Sweetie on the old iron bridge.

Picking apples at our favorite apple orchard,
Sunset Valley Orchards.

Everyone enjoying their cocoa or coffee drinks at
the world's best coffee shop: Moose Lips Java Joint!

That's me making a mess in the kitchen. The cookbook
told me to forego the spoon and use my hands to mix
the Apple Cake. It was messy but good!

Homeowers decorated their beautiful wrought iron fence
with apples (what else?) at Applefest in Bayfield.

A very contented little girl eating a very yummy
apple muffin. Wish I had the recipe!

I can't resist taking a boatload of photos on the old iron bridge.
I made my children recreate a pose they did 7-8 years ago!

If it seems we have all sorts of fun events planned in the fall, we do. We just got home from our annual trek up to Bayfield, WI to go to Applefest. This year we were blessed to have some very fun friends join us!

We picked apples, baked apple treats, ate lots of yummy food, saw the most gorgeous fall scenery ever (photos don't do it justice!), went to a great used book sale at the library, had fun geo-caching for the very first time and enjoyed our fellowship at the little country church we go to when we're up at the cabin. Loved it all!

Thank you, Lord for the beauty You surround us with and friends and family to enjoy it with!


Leah Marie said...

looks fab! we should look at the two photos of us by the light post and see all the differences. i'm sure it would be interesting! :]

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

It looks like you had a great time! It's just beginning to feel like 'Fall' here in Texas, since it is no longer in the 90's.