Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Our Anniversary!

Anniversary coat #1 - chosen by yours truly -
it's very warm but not so stylish.

Anniversary coat #2 - picked out by my two daughters.
Not as warm as the other coat, but in their words, "Who cares?!!"

A close up view because Emily insisted it was necessary.
She really digs those very large buttons!

Dear Husband and I have been married twenty years as of today.


And I wasn't that young when we got married... The ripe old age of 25. Boy, I thought I knew it all back then. Heh, heh, heh... Mike would probably say I haven't changed all that much. But, really, I have! Twenty years of marriage and three children later, I've grown up and matured a lot.

Mike and the girls went on a secret shopping mission last night and today I was the lucky recipient of their labors: a darling new winter coat! This is a rather odd coincidence because LAST year I also received a coat for our anniversary. Never before other than this year and last have I received a coat from my husband for our anniversary or for any reason at all for that matter. As I reflected on the choice of coats I was bemused by the differing tastes between my girls and I. If you look at the photos above you'll see what I mean. The first coat is extremely warm and utilitarian. I like it a lot but it's not exactly a fashion statement. I probably don't need to tell you this, but it's the one I picked out.

Then there's the second coat. Well! Va-va-voom! (If a Wisconsin winter coat can say such a thing.) It's a racy little red number that my daughters say Barbie would wear. Mind you, they're both way past the Barbie stage but they don't mind when I try to dress up and look a little more fashionable. I almost (ALMOST!) wish it would get cold so that I could wear it.

So, which do you prefer? Do I even need to bother asking?

Happy Anniversary Honey and thanks for the fun new coat. Hope you love those SuperCedar fire starters I got you! ;)


Kathy said...

I love them both. #2 is definitely the fashion statement, but #1 would be my choice also. Oh, to have coat-type winters in Phoenix! Happy Anniversary, beautiful Mom & Wife.

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Happy Anniversary! I agree with Kathy. I like them both. On a super cold day of running errands or doing something with the kids I would probably always choose #1. A cold mom doesn't equal a fun mom.

Shy Wolf said...

Happy Anniversary, Mom. The coats look fine- each of you has good taste. Yours just happens to be more 'mom practical' for what one would want a coat for.
God bless with four score and twenty more.

emilia. said...

def the red one. seriously.
happy anniversary to you two. :)


Leah Marie said...

ha well you know which one i would choose!
of course.

WendyBee said...

I too love them both! Each for different reasons of course. Kind of like the early days of marriage and now these later years.
Happy Anniversary to you two! An October wedding - I'll bet it was beeeaauuutiful!

Leslie said...

DEF the red coat. But then I'm partial to red ; )

And a belated Happy Anniversary to you!