Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drawing Finished!

The completed work before framing

If you've ever put something off you may understand the satisfaction I feel in completing a drawing I promised years and years ago.

After many years of putting it on the back burner and promising myself to get started "soon", I finally actually took the first step and began working on it in January of this year. I had a few false starts but the third time was the charm and after working on it for about 30 hours, I finally finished the drawing today.

I purchased two frames, one for each drawing that I did of my friend's two daughters. I had plans to meet this friend for dinner this evening and it was my goal to finish the drawing in time to give it to her tonight.

I wrapped it and gave it to her before dinner because I was so anxious that my stomach was tied in knots. I couldn't eat until I saw her reaction. Would she love it?

She was so surprised when she opened the box and saw what was inside! The tears flowed and I was gratified to see that my efforts were not in vain. What a blessing to be able to use a God-given gift to bless others. Thank you Lord for using me and help me to remain open to being used by You in the future!


Lindsay said...

I can definitely understand your
satisfaction. It is just beautiful!!

Lexy said...

Don't you just love that feeling of accomplishment?! Nice job!

Leah Marie said...

I love it! Now you just need to do one of me now that I know you're so good! =]
Good job!

Auntie Cake said...

Happy Mother's Day! Love the drawing!