Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My target from the 22 rifle.

Target from the pistol doing speed drills and shooting one handed

Target from the pistol shooting using both hands.
Note hole right in the middle of the black dot!

All three targets. I may have to frame them - ha ha!

Check it out. Take a look at those targets!

I'm sorry I didn't post sooner but as fellow blogger, Auntie Cake noted, it's hard to keep up with blogging in the spring. There's just too many other things to do.

The Women on Target class was a blast. I loved the rifles and I loved the pistols. I just plain loved the shooting! We split our class up into two groups with one group on the rifle range and the other on the pistol range. We worked closely with instructors who helped us learn how to load and shoot our firearms. After we had had time to work with and shoot a variety of firearms, we switched. I shot four different rifles (using 22 mag ammo) three with scopes and one without. I stayed inside my black bullseye rings until I used the gun without the scope, then I strayed above it a little bit. I have to confess that with the rifle barrel resting on a stack of sandbags and using a scope it made hitting the bullseye easy. Of course it didn't hurt that the targets were only about 15-20 yards away.

As much fun as it was to shoot the rifle, I liked firing the pistol even more. I was using a Ruger 2245 and it's a great handgun. I did have a few jamming issues where the cartridge was not fully ejected from the gun. Then I would have to remove the ammunition source, called a magazine, flip the gun upside down without pointing it at anyone, including myself, and remove the empty cartridge. Not the most fun thing to do (I'd rather shoot) but an important skill to learn. The instructors thought the pistol might have needed to be cleaned but it might have been my shooting technique. If you don't hold a pistol properly it can cause it to do that sort of thing.

Even so, my shots were pretty accurate. In fact, my instructors asked me if I'd done much shooting. When I told them no they said I had a great eye! Aw, shucks...

During our classtime it was mentioned that a husband and wife team in our area have an intense home defense training weekend about once a month. The waiting list to get into this class was supposed to be a year long so I decided to call them right away to get on the list. Guess what? They just added an additional training session the first weekend in June and they had room for me. It's an 18 hour course and very intense but they claim that when you're done, you will be very confident with your firearm and self defense in your home which is just what I want.

My dear husband and I drove down to meet the man in charge (a retired police officer) of the training and we liked him and were confident of his abilities. He let me handle his wife's guns so I could try out the different grips. It is mandatory to bring your own firearm to learn with and so that will be my next purchase. Actually, my next purchase will be a 22 pistol to practice with because the ammunition is so much cheaper but before June 5th I will have to find a 9mm pistol that I feel comfortable with.

I'm looking forward to getting a target set up on our hillside and practicing my shooting skills. Bullseye!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Sounds like you had a great class and some great instructors.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the "People of the Gun"

Shy Wolf said...

Niiiiice shooting, Mom!
Shooting is always fun, even when it ain't, and it's especially fun when you enjoy it with others.
Keep at it- welcome to the shooting world.

Kathy said...

You have one serious aim! Wow. I'm very impressed. Sounds like you had a great time. Next year, you should teach the class, right? : )

Bitmap said...

Nice job. You remind me of my much better half.

Earl said...

Good start, continue to learn to shoot well. I like Appleseed for family education on History and shooting. Very nice targets.

David said...

Great job on those targets! As Sailorcurt said above, welcome to the wonderful and diverse world of your fellow gun owners.

TrueBlueSam said...

Great Post! I bet your kids are so proud they are ready to bust. Check out my mother:

She started late, but is making up for it.

Auntie Cake said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time!!! And a great shot, to boot! Great job, and you should frame those, maybe you don't exactly want them in your house, but I know you must have a pole barn around there somewhere!!!

Lexy said...

I love shooting! I hit my first bullseye on my 21st birthday! Such a great feeling! Kind of....empowering?

George said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of shooting! All of the women in my adult life have been shooters/gun owners. My wife had a .357, and subsequent girlfriends after our divorce had 9mm and .38. My current lady carries a .45!!