Friday, April 23, 2010

Boys, Go-Karts and Mud!

My excited boy giving me two thumbs up!

Uh oh - better to stop before you get in too deep...

Big "J" saves the day!

Rescue mission almost complete!

Look out - you have entered the MUD zone!

We've got a go-kart and a ten year old son who's finally big enough to reach the gas pedal. Heh heh heh... Sounds like fun to me!

At long last permission was granted to get behind the driver's wheel and boy, did he have fun! I took a few photos of him riding by my mom's pond "next door" which is drying up for lack of rain. I guess it's a sad day for the geese and ducks but a great day for ripping it up in the mud with a go-kart. Daniel had a few difficulties negotiating the mud by the edge of the pond and got stuck until his cousin, big J, rescued him. Thanks Jared!

I consider the go-kart a win/win. It's got a seat belt and roll bars but yet goes fast enough to be a blast for young and old alike. Here's to many days of fun in the mud and (hopefully) a mom who doesn't get worked up over muddy boots/shoes/clothes/helmets and a boy who is growing up right in front of her eyes...


Katherine Sophia said...

yay, go-carts! :) Fun. (even when you're not a 10-yr-old boy) :D

Shy Wolf said...

EGADS!! they grow up wayyyyy too fast for my liking!
The Kid (my J) whined when I got him a snowmobile for his Feb. birthday eons ago (since all his friends had one). It was too cold to ride a sled, he said he'd rather had a four-wheeler.
OK, trade the sled for a four wheeler. It was never too cold to ride that, or to clear the drive way by spinning donuts all day (not to mention once ripping the bumper off the car in the process).
I'd give anything to have him home again terrorizing the drive or the local ditches.
So don't worry about the mud in the house- he'll be gone soon enough and you can keep the house clean then.
At least, until the grandchildren come to play! :-D
Bless God.

Mike said...

if he likes that mud, he'd fit in just fine w/ our group:)