Monday, April 26, 2010

Allllmost There!

The drawing I'm working on and the "hostage" drawing I did many years ago.

Isn't she adorable?

Have you ever procrastinated on a project?

I have, in a big way.

I promised a drawing to very dear friends of mine many, many years ago. Umm, how many you ask? Well, it pains me to admit that it's a baby photo and this "baby" just turned...

Do I have to tell?

All right, she just turned sixteen.

Yes, sixteen.

In my defense I was not given the photo until about ten years ago and soon after receiving the photo I gave birth to my third child and soon after that I went on the wild ride of an ovarian cancer diagnosis, hysterectomy and chemo treatments. Still, that's been ten years ago. In all reality, a cancer diagnosis only gets you a free pass for so long and I figure that ten years has got to be the limit, don't you?

I don't know why I was so paralyzed about creating this drawing. Have you ever hit a dry spell? I certainly did and I lived there for ten years! My friends were so gracious but it really bothered me that I was not fulfilling my promise to them.

Soooo, a few months ago I sat down at my drawing table and began drawing this beautiful baby. It took me a few tries, three to be exact but I think I've finally gotten it and I'm so close, so close that I can almost taste it.

I hope to finish up tomorrow, buy a beautiful frame to put the drawing in and give it to my very patient friend at dinner tomorrow night. Not only will she get this new drawing but I've held another drawing of another daughter hostage for many years while I waited to complete this project. I can't wait to see her face when I give her both drawings! Tomorrow's the big day, I just need to finish the final touches...

I can't wait!


Lindsay said...

Oh, wow.... you are SO talented!! What an adorable little girl. I bet you're friend is going to be so surprised tomorrow! :-)

~ Love & Blessings,
Lindsay <3

Kathy said...

I am so impressed! May the Lord give you many more opportunities to utilize your creativity. He is all about new life, and your drawings certainly express His creativity in you.

linda said...

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Leah Marie said...

Nice job mom. I like it. I know that they will too!