Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Very Special Day

My great-nephew Adam walking Elaine to her seat

My nephew Tom giving his little girl away

Jeni and Edward, a beautiful couple

Elaine and I at the reception

A small portion of the glorious cookie buffet
(Notice the tooth shaped cookies? Jeni is a dental hygienist!)

Jeni, Mike and I at the reception

Yesterday was a very special day. My great-niece, Jeni, and her betrothed, Edward, were married. We had the best seats in the church (it pays to tip your usher - kidding!) and I couldn't help but choke up as I gazed from Jeni and Edward, saying their vows, to my sister and her husband who have celebrated 61 wedding anniversaries. What an incredible testimony to God's plan for man, woman and families.

After two solid days of rain, it was a glorious day, sunny and warm. Elaine was able to be released from the care center and watching her being wheeled down the aisle of the church was just one of many moments that brought tears to my eyes. She looked radiant and was smiling so happily throughout the ceremony. Jeni was a beautiful bride and Edward her groom was quite handsome.

After the wedding ceremony we went to the gorgeous hall which looked like a fairyland inside. It was decorated so beautifully! There were waiters serving scrumptious hors dourves which had a Florida flair: Conch fritters, anyone? They were delicious! Aside from all the wonderful appetizers, Jeni had come up with a great idea that my family will be talking about years from now: A cookie buffet. She had told me about it but I wasn't really sure what she meant until I saw it. Her mother-in-law and mother baked thousands of gourmet cookies which were then put out in serving dishes and on platters for us to eat our fill from. Not only that, each guest was given a large chinese take out box (decorated sweetly, of course) to fill with cookies to take home. Since then I have eaten more cookies than you would believe.

To work off all the delicious cookies, we got up and danced until our feet ached. It was so much fun, even if we did embarrass our dear children just a little. (What?! "Old people" dancing? Who knew?!)

The other hit of the reception was the photo booth. They had a photo booth set up that your could sit in with as many people as you could cram in there and a photographer would snap four photos. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! The photos are priceless! I think Daniel managed to worm his way into more photo sessions than any other guest there. What a hoot!

In the end, the wedding was a lovely and elegant yet supremely fun affair that was enjoyed by all who attended. We were grateful to be part of such a special day and I promise we will never forget it!


Katherine Sophia said...

Beautiful! And a cookie buffet sounds like an amazing idea! :)

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a wonderful wedding!!
The cookie buffet looks really neat. :)

Slumber Designs said...

Such a pretty wedding. I LOVE looking at wedding photos!! Thanks for sharing :-)

emilia. said...

It was a wonderful wedding! I loved the cookies.. Yummm! :)

Auntie Cake said...

So glad your sister was able to get released to go to the wedding! And I loved that buffet idea. I am all about the "details" of a party like that, and that one was right up my alley. That had to have been so much work for both the moms, but how wonderful that it turned out so beautifully.

Glad you had a fun time, and what a beautiful sunset. That spicy pepper penne sounds delicious. Sounds like you just fit right in down there.

Our snow has all melted, it is so nice to see the grass, even if it is brown and yucky at this point. And we have had a ton of fog the last two weeks. I will take it, it means warmer weather is on its way!

Enjoy the rest of your time down there!

Leah Marie said...

Nice job mom. Your dancing was weird, but it was funny! I love you.