Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunrise Breakfast on the Beach

The family watching the sunrise.

Enjoying our gourmet breakfast - mmmmmm!

Another beautiful sunrise!

Hurrah for the sunrise beach breakfast tradition!

It's become a tradition while we are in Florida to have breakfast at sunrise on the beach at least once.

I go walking at sunrise on the beach fairly regularly but getting everyone else out there is a real victory. It doesn't hurt that I bribe them with juice drinks and sweet rolls to get them to roll out of bed while it's still dark.

We had a pretty sunrise and it was a warm morning so today was the day! After we ate our nutritionally bankrupt "breakfast" the girls went back in to the condo but the rest of us walked along the shore looking for shells, watching the ships and birds.

This year has been really poor for finding shells. When we came down here in 2008 we found tons of shells. We had no idea that it was an exceptional shelling year until last year when we came back and didn't find nearly as many shells. Even so, we still found plenty of pretty shells last year, just not as many or as large. This year we haven't been out as much and the only find has been Daniel's whole sand dollar. We've always found parts of sand dollars but a whole sand dollar is pretty rare on the Atlantic side of Florida, the seas are too rough.

We've got so many shells at home that my dear husband won't mind if we bring fewer back with us this year. We've got a week to go and I'm beginning to think about packing everything up and the long drive home. It's about 1750 miles and the girls and I hope to cover that in two days. Two L-O-N-G days on the road.

In the meantime, we've got seven more days of fun and sun in Florida and my sister comes home from the care center on Tuesday! Hurrah! I'm so thankful we will be here to throw her a little "Welcome Home" party. She really enjoys having us here and I love this time together too. If there's one thing I've learned to value it is time with family. Praise be to You, Lord, for each new day.


emilia. said...

I loved the cinnamon rolls. Yummy. :) Great sunrise too!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

What a fun tradition. That sunrise is gorgeous. I love what you said about valuing time with family. So true. Enjoy your next week. ~Stacey

Lindsay said...

My goodness, that's one beautiful sunrise!! What a special time. Enjoy your last week there! :)

Reegz said...

Love the pics Jodie. Who can't see the Lord in a sunrise?!!! Awesome!