Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time To Shape Up!

After too many hours of internet searching, e-mails and telephone calls I finally found success today: Our family is heading to Florida next month. We have family in the Cape Canaveral area and have enjoyed spending time with them in the spring the past two years. This year is extra special because my niece is getting married in March and my sister just had surgery and her health is extremely delicate. My sweet husband told me that he had been putting money aside and he wanted us to go again this year. How wonderful is that?

So, I began looking for a place for us to rent and I ran into the same old story: no place with accomodations for five in March. I don't know how many calls I made but it must be close to 100! I just knew if I was tenacious enough I'd find something and sure enough, a rental agent that I hadn't even called (one of the other 100 must have given her my name and number) called me back with a cancellation. Seems some of the NASA folks will be leaving after this month's shuttle launch and they won't need their condo unit in March. There's another shuttle launch in March so I don't know why they won't need it then but I'm glad they don't. Because it is a unit rented by NASA on a regular basis they do not have any photos to send me. Ack! I've never rented lodgings sight unseen but I mailed her a deposit yesterday. Faith or foolishness? You decide.

Now it's time to get serious about getting in shape. That means working out more (way more) and eating less (way less) in an effort to fit comfortably back in my summer clothing. Nothing like the threat of wearing a swimsuit in Florida (modestly styled, of course!) to motivate a person... I've got about three weeks and it's going to take at least that long. I'm hoping to lose about ten pounds. I'll keep you posted on my progress. In the meantime, I'm typing this while I work out on my cross trainer. I have a hunch my posts will be coming from here a lot!


Lindsay said...

Just wanted to let you know
that I've awarded you! :)

~ Blessings,

WendyBee said...

Hi Mrs. CanDoMom,
I've come to visit with the special mission to thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind words in your comment. I was going to suggest that I "name" you Candace or Candy so I have a way to think of you, without asking you to reveal your identity. (As in, "Oh, I wonder if Candace has visited today" "Or, I wonder if Candy is safe and sound in that Wisconsin snowstorm?")
Then I read this post and had to chuckle. Of course, you can drop those 10#! You're the "Can-Do" Mom! I suppose lots of people are getting in the same frame of mind, with Spring coming and all. I, too, was planning to venture out for a walk today. It's been a snuggle-inside and keep warm winter, with lots of sedentary activities, and I really don't want to lose my health and fitness by lack of using it. As it is, today, my DH, who is 48 is up in Rangleley, playing in a pond hockey tournament on a 35-and-older team. He's going to be hurting, as he really doesn't get much exercise. But what am I doing? So far, not much. Breakfast, kitchen clean-up and bloggety-blog-blog. See what I mean? So, I'm going to credit you (and DH) and get out there and move today. Let us all know how it goes! And we'll look forward to wonderful Florida pictures!

Auntie Cake said...

Good luck! Lucky you guys getting to spend some time in the sun that doesn't include a winter coat, boots, hats, mittens and a scarf! I had to laugh about your workout, I sit and type on my fitness ball. The funny thing is that sometimes I get so into it, I come dangerously close to falling off backwards. (I need to pay attention, or my kids would really have something to laugh about...)

And I think you are brilliant in renting a spot for your family in March. And trust me, those NASA people (well the higher up's anyways) wouldn't be caught dead in bad accommodations!