Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ingenious Snowboarding Boy

Snowboard rails with spikes to add an element of danger

Homemade wooden snowboard rails before Mom imposes the "No Spike Rule"

Putting another snowboard rail out

Snowboard boy having fun in the snow

Here he goes down the slope!

Daniel and his first grind on his new rail!

My son asked me to look out our bathroom window which faces his world famous snowboarding slope. We've got big hills around here but for his snowboarding runs a smaller hill is better. When I looked out the window and saw his homemade wooden "rails" I was a little taken aback. If you look closely at the first two photos you will see that to create a bigger challenge he broke some large dowels and put them in the snow around the rail, pointy side up.

Mothers of the world unite! Every mother worth her salt knows that undoubtedly he would lose an eye on one of those wooden spikes. I told him in no uncertain terms they had to go. He was completely disgusted. Any other boy might have a problem with impaling himself on those sharp wooden daggers but not him. They simply made his snowboard area more fun. Hoo boy. Please, pray for me! Can you imagine this boy in five years when he is learning to drive?!

As you can see, he did make a couple runs down the hill before dinnertime. One rail is quite ingenious. He attached a pvc pipe to a 2x4 by drilling small holes in the pvc tubing and then screwing it on to the 2x4. I know I should celebrate his creative ideas but it's not always easy when I feel as though I need to protect him from his sharp, spike infused schemes!


Mama's Spot said...

The next Shaun White in the making... just close one eye it will be ok.

Mike said...

VERY COOL Daniel! remineds me of myself back in the day!:)

Katherine Sophia said...

Oh, ack. Just looking at that is painful. :) Glad he told you to look at it after he finished! :)

emilia. said...

Wow! I didn't hear about the spikes... :)