Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Randomness...

Life's busy on the ranch so to catch you all up I threw a few photos on here of things we've been doing lately...

The girls posing for me for a postcard I created for my sister's store.  I have a job now, helping promote RM Tack & Apparel.  It's a wonderful tack and clothing store right next door to us at the farm I grew up on.  I don't know what my job title should be, maybe Errin's Right Hand Sister?

Daniel at St. Anne's School Art Fair.  He created the little orange dude, among other things.

Daniel also had the distinction of being the 6th grade Student of the Month.

The girls and their friend Jessie at a belated birthday party for Leah.

A beautiful sunrise in early spring, before our trees leafed out.  Such pretty colors!

Emily and her Uncle Neal at Easter.

Perky, Bruce, Daniel and I at Nelson's Dairy Store.  They are known for their enormous cones. 
A delicious family landmark!

Emily has taken up yoga.  I was amazed and inspired by this pose!  She's really flexible now.

Last but not least...  The naughty dog in the laundry cart. 
I wonder what kind of mischief she's gotten into now?


Leah Marie said...

Hey Ma,

Great post.
Thanks for taking me shopping today.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh those are great pics. Life is busy. Thanks so much for stopping by. I got it!

Michelle said...

Nice pics of daily happenings. i wish I was that flexible!

Leslie said...

love this slice of life post... (especially your pup in the laundry basket :)