Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Means Baseball!

Daniel's team had their first couple baseball games last week.  We had fun cheering them on, even though the second game was a little wet and chilly.

Here they are, looking great in their new uniforms, cheering on their teammates at bat.

Daniel in the outfield...

Waiting for a ball to come his way.

At bat!

He got walked and made it to first base but no further.

His friend and teammate, Izaak, dashing for home!

Daniel up at bat at the second game.

You can't tell, but he got a hit!  A nice one right up the center but he got thrown
out at first.  The pitcher was pretty good so he's happy to have his first "official" hit.

Boys and baseball, what's not to love?

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Michelle said...

Baseball = busy times! Good luck to Daniel!