Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Frosty Winter's Morning

We were blessed with a gorgeous view yesterday morning!  When I awoke and looked out my window, this is what I saw:

God's amazing handiwork.  It is though He dipped a paintbrush
in frost and painted every twig and blade of grass.

Oak leaves up close.

Lacey looking bright-eyed on our morning excursion.

Even soybean fields are a thing of beauty on a frosty morn.

My two walking buddies: Theodore and Lacey.

Every view is more beautiful than the last!

I love how something as humble as a blade of grass can be so breathtakingly beautiful.

A closeup of prairie grass.

More contrasts with the gold in the grasses and the frost covered trees.

While I'd appreciate more snow on the ground,
I have to admit the landscape is lovely!

Even scrubby cedars look good with a coating of frost.

Yet another picturesque view of one of our little wetlands.

Call me weird, but I enjoy winter!  I love the fact that I live in an area with four distinct seasons.  I'm missing the snow but days like this help make up for its absence...   May you find God's beauty in your surroundings, wherever you may be.


Michelle said...

Beautiful pics and Lacey is so cute in that sweater.

Leslie said...

these are lovely! i miss scenes like this, especially when we have a winter that feels like summer, this year! hope you get your spring flowers soon :)