Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Miss You, Brett Weller

Yesterday, Leah and I were cleaning out her closet and I was going through a box of her mementos when I found the button in the photo above.  As most of you know, I'm an ovarian cancer survivor (12 years now, woo hoo!) and so for years we were active with the Relay For Life (American Cancer Society fundraiser).

When I found the button I started to cry.  You see, the buttons were made in my honor by my friend, Brett Weller, who is no longer with us.  Brett was taken from us in a tragic plane accident almost three years ago and for those who knew him, we feel his loss keenly.  He was an amazing friend, son, husband, brother, uncle and neighbor.  Someone who lit up a room when he entered and genuinely cared about those around him.  He always had a ready smile, joke or hug and an encouraging word for me when I saw him.

Today would have been his birthday and while I grieve his untimely passing, I know that I am a better person for knowing him.  Thanks Brett.


Michelle a.k.a. Farmchick said...

So sorry for your loss.

Leslie said...

My sister is an ovarian cancer survivor, too. I'm sorry you lost such a dear and supportive friend. This was a lovely tribute to his memory.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice note regarding my brother Brett. You are right to say that we are better people for knowing someone like him. He is greatly missed everyday by all of us.

Hugs to you and continued blessings on being cancer free! :)

Amy (Weller) Tallitsch, parents & siblings

Anonymous said...

Brett's Mom writes,
Jodie you were a great inspiration to our Brett - I remember his many comments to me about your strengths and determination! He was very proud of you. We congratulate you on your successful recovery. Our Brett left his bigger then life mark on so many people. Bob I received cards and letters from 28 states and 6 foreign countries. As one his friends wrote when Brett got off the plane he lite up entire Puerto. This past week we have been overwhelmed by the dozens of his friends you have may contact with us to remind us how much they miss him. He is now with the love his life and they are probably doing the "Fishing the Dark" Weller dance. Sending our best wishes to you. Bob & Mary Weller

Denise Roseland said...

Jodie, I remember when Brett talked about the buttons and his belief that you would pull through. Brett and I were friends since high school and every year, I do something special on his birthday to celebrate the great joy he brought to my life over the many years we knew each other. I share the sense of continued loss you describe now that he's gone. Thanks for the touching tribute and best of wishes in your continued path of health.