Friday, February 17, 2012

Shopping is MAGIC in Vegas!

My sister and I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas.  No, I'm not a gambler.  At least, not in the way that comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas.  We didn't put a single nickel in a slot machine while we were there.

So, why does one go to Vegas, if not to gamble?  We were there to attend four different buyer's markets that are held in about a week's span in February.  My sister has a store that sells tack (equestrian items) and apparel.  Lately she's been branching out on the apparel side a little more and she wanted to go and do a little shopping and a lot of looking.  However, her hubby didn't want her to go to Las Vegas on her own and that's where I came in.  Escape the cold winter in Wisconsin for few days in February to shop for cute, fashionable clothing with my sister?  Twist my arm!

We had four full days to shop and we made the most of it.  The first couple days were spent bargain hunting at the Off Price show.  Don't let the name throw you.  Vendors were selling really beautiful fashions there, but yes, there were plenty of bargains to be found as well.  We methodically went up and down each aisle, scouring countless racks, looking for items that were a good fit for her store.  Our third day found us wrapping up a few orders at Off Price and then checking out the Accessories the Show hall right next door.  We found the most amazing purses there and I cannot wait until that shipment arrives.  They are one of a kind, handcrafted beauties and I will be saving my pennies to buy one... 

Our final full day was reserved for MAGIC, the granddaddy of shopping excursions.  MAGIC is huge.  It cannot be contained in one convention center and must be split into two separate locations.  Somehow we ended up at the wrong vendor hall but there is a shuttle between the two, so it wasn't that big of a deal.  Can I sum up MAGIC in ten words?  I'm not sure, but I'll try:  Fashionable, Loud, Busy, Eye-popping, Trendy, Overwhelming, Freebies, Fun, Huge & Exhausting! 

We tried to methodically canvas the show but after a while we just kind of gave up and wandered.  There was so much to see and we only covered a fraction of it all.  When we approached the Miss Me area, a guard at the roped off entrance asked if we had an appointment.  No, we did not.  Access denied!  We turned to leave but my sister's account rep from Chicago happened to see us and called us in.  Magically an appointment opened up and just like that, we were picking out summer fashions.  What fun! 

All in all, it was an extremely busy, action packed trip.  Shopping for a store is nothing like shopping for pleasure.  It was work.  Hard work.  Our days were long but productive.  While any purchase made for a store is a gamble, I'm confident that we selected well and I can't wait for all our beautiful fashion picks to come in and hit the racks!  


WendyBee said...

Okay, I admit it. I avoided reading this post at first because I have strong (negative) opinions about gambling. (in our state, it seems we are constantly voting on casinos, etc, and doing the research pros/cons has only solidified my position!) Don't get me wrong, I don't judge those who take an occasional getaway. I just didn't think I'd be interested in reading about it, and then trying to come up with a suitable affirming positive comment! (Wow! Talk about over-analyzing....) Anyway, I finally did read (it was the *shopping* that hooked me;).) How fun! I started dreaming about horseback riding (again), and getting suited up in sharp equestrienne togs, learning how to ride with skill and grace. How very exciting the trip must have been. It makes me realize the work that goes into stocking the shelves of independent specialty boutiques.

Leah Marie said...

Next time I get to go too!