Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Mike and I celebrating our 21st anniversary at home. It's become a tradition that our lovely children prepare us a delicious meal and serve it to us in the romantic setting of our library.

On the menu: fish with a bacon and tomato topping, vegetables and bread with heart shaped butter pats. Daniel even shared a bottle of his Izze with us for our anniversary toast.

The chefs were working behind the scenes but this is our handsome waiter.

I can't help but feel blessed to be married to my dear husband for 21 years and be served such a special anniversary meal by our children. Not only was everything tasty, but the kitchen was cleaned and immaculate after the meal.

Thank you, Emily, Leah & Daniel!


Leah Marie said...

Congrats, ma & pa!

I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed your meal, and I’d say getting a bottle of kombucha is worth cleaning up the kitchen for.

Natasha in Oz said...

Happy anniversary! Congratulations on 21 years of love and happiness and congratulations on raising such wonderful children! No wonder you are so very proud.

I might have to show this to my kids...what a lovely tradition!

Best wishes always,

Keelie said... sweet! This is just so very special. You are truly blessed.

Libbie said...

This is sooo cute! We used to try to pull stuff off for my mom & dad but since I am a terrible cook I always had the towel on my arm :) But I NEVER looked as cute as Daniel! Ever!

Seriously, that is one sweet little family you raised! I should send mine to you & have you send tehm back when they hit 18! :)

Congrats on that Anniversary!!!

Leslie said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! (and what a delightful way to celebrate it :)

Reegz said...

This is so darling. A beautious couple you guys are! Congrats a bit late!