Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Memories of Last Summer...

I love this series of photos. It's up at our cabin at the lake in northern WI.
Lacey and Daniel had discovered
a painted turtle and they were checking it out.

Lacey was dashing all over the place, barking and growling.
She hates "intruders"!

It's barely visible, but you can see her head peeking in on the right,
watching as Daniel is about to bravely pick up the scary turtle!

Now she's behind him, still watching, still waiting...

"Careful, young boy, careful!" she seems to be thinking!
The turtle was temporarily captured and then set loose to continue on
his merry way to either the lake in the front or the bog in the back.
It's a wildlife critter's paradise up there.
These photos were taken last Memorial Day weekend.
I just needed a little summer breather on my blog.
It felt so good I may do it again,
just for a change of pace from all the whiteness I'm surrounded with!


Farmchick said...

Sweet pictures and I also need a summer breather!

Shelley said...

So cute. I miss summer too.

Emily said...

That's so sweet. Riz is always around to protect her family. :)

Kathy said...

Great documentation!!! : ) So good to be at your blogsite again. I hardly EVER have time to read/write posts, but I decided to give myself the luxury of stopping by a few. Glad I did. How goes it? How's homeschooling? Blessings!

Shelley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking in! :)

I saw that deal at Barnes and Noble too but didn't grab it. Probably should. Are you loving those books?

We go to the Eagan FMSC too. We live about 5-10 min from there (closer to the zoo). :)

I'm so glad to hear that your sister-in-law is starting to feel better!! That's wonderful news.

Have a fabulous weekend. :)

Libbie said...

Nothing like an UP NORTH cabin around here!!! He sure is brave! I would be way too scared! :)

Yes it WAS a good game :) My mom's house was pretty quiet because out of the 16 people there My mom & I were the only ones cheering for the pack :) Well...I wasn't quiet...but everyone else was :)

Auntie Cake said...

UUUGGGHH! I will try and be a gracious loser and wish you a big congratulations on the game. (ok, that wasn't as hard as it would have been to actually say it...)I am wondering what Brett thinks of all this. Or what his WIFE is thinking through all this... Poor girl...

Love the summer pics. And Lib is right, she would have been much too scared to pick up that baby. I on the other hand, am known to pluck turtles off the road and put them in my backseat so they can come and live in my garden, and I wouldn't want them to get squashed by cars either...

We are spending a weekend in Somerset at the end of February, that doesn't quite compare with your Arizona pics, does it? Tell it not to snow that weekend, I have enough snow of my very own!

Have a good week!