Monday, February 14, 2011

A Bit of Spring

Yesterday, Leah and I stopped in at my favorite florist in a neighboring town. The greenhouse was full of gorgeous cut flowers and flowering plants. There were baskets overflowing with green plants and the smell was like Heaven on Earth to my nose. I smelled dirt and flowers. It was the scent of spring!

I was in search of a flowering plant to give to a friend and found a pretty little Cyclamen with fuschia flowers. Just the thing to brighten a home with a wintry landscape outside. We stopped to smell some Paperwhites that had been forced to bloom and I was thus inspired to purchase seven Paperwhite bulbs.

Leah and I "planted" them this morning in a pot with small stones instead of dirt. You place them in a dark place for a week or two to let the bulbs establish a root system and then bring them back out into the light and keep the gravel moist so the flowers grow and bloom. Hopefully we'll have blooming plants in about 3-4 weeks.

Spring is on its way... The snow is melting off our roof here in Wisconsin and I've been walking outside which feels oh, so good.

Happy Valentines Day friends!


Libbie said...

That IS spring!!! the first sign! Hasn't it felt great the last few days! I need to get out & walk to outside too! that would be heavenly...Rocco just still has the worst cold EVER & I usually don't get bothered by that so I feel bad taking him out with such a big cough...but at the first sign it is going away... :) I am getting out there!

Farmchick said...

The paperwhites sound so nice. Wishing I had some!

WendyBee said...

Ohhhh, we Northeners do have to find ways to wake ourselves in up the last few weeks of Winter and the first tentative month of Spring! Fresh plants and flowers really are the thing. I think Valentine's Day is what reminds me. When I usually get roses (yahoo!)....
Thanks for your visits to and comments on my blog. So often, you are the only one! I appreciate your encouragement.

Leslie said...

These look lovely, even at this stage... and I love the name "Paperwhites." I've never seen them blooming!

Natasha said...

Can you send me some of that snow and I will send you some Aussie summer sunshine!? I am so sick of summer over here and am ready for Fall!

Enjoy your Spring weather!

Best wishes,