Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Do you remember my new year's resolution?

I gave God my year.

I said, "2011, it's all yours God, do with me what you will."


I had no idea what He'd do and if I want to be completely candid, I'll admit to being a little nervous about putting myself out there like that. Even so, I did it. I said the words and I meant them.

So here we are, not even two weeks later and I'm shocked. Perhaps you are smarter than me and this is probably painfully obvious to you but this is what I've learned thus far:

God wants me to be available for Him to use me.

Keep myself open and be willing.

Be willing.

Get that?

Mmm hmm - W. I. L. L. I. N. G.

No passing the buck, as in, "Can't you give this request to _________, God? She's better at that than I am."

He whispers, "My daughter, I didn't choose _________. I chose you."

No, "Sorry, God, I am really too pressed right to stop and pray with a friend. It'll just have to wait."

He tells me, "When it is convenient for you, it will be too late to bless your friend."

No, "I am setting such a lousy example of what a Christian looks like. There cannot be a worse example of how to live a godly life for my children to witness!"

He repeatedly affirms, "I gave you your precious children and I can think of no better example of a genuine Christian walk than for them to see your persistence and tenacity, even in your struggles."

God has been at work, using me. Me, a flawed sinner, being used by God to bless others. It is amazing beyond words. If you only knew how inadequate I have felt when being used, you might be surprised. I never feel completely up to the task. When I respond, I'm doing so out of obedience and trusting that God will do what I'm not capable of and He has been completely faithful to fill in my gaps.

Thank you for showing me yet again, Lord, that I can trust You. I'm looking forward to more adventures in the coming year and pray that You will continue to reveal more of Yourself to me.

To God be the glory.


Leah Marie said...

well, mom, it looks like you're going to have lots of adventures. {i wouldn't mind going on the most recent one!. haha}
i love you!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

What a powerful post! I definitely agree with the WILLING part. However it so hard sometimes...worth it completely, but still hard.

It looks like you and your family had a great Christmas. Those cookies...Mmm! I would have had a hard time not eating all of those by myself.

I hope you are having a blessed beginning to this new year.


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I love this post! Its so sweet and heartfelt. I love that you shared so openly your heart with me.

Hugs to you~

Libbie said...

And just is only January!!! Exciting ! & you are listening...that is a great recipe!