Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Hey, I just noticed that my last post was my 100th post! In blog world I think that's something to celebrate. It's a celebratory mood around here, all right.

The family and I are watching a Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie to celebrate. Celebrate what, you ask? Well, the hurculean task of putting away the Christmas decorations including the Christmas tree is done. D-O-N-E!

Every year it's the same old story. I drag out the multitudes of boxes full of all our Christmas decorations (um, well, actually my dear husband gets the boxes down from storage up in the shop) and decorate the house for the holidays. Five weeks later when it's time to take everything down and put it all away the job is not so fun and it seems like a lot more work. Every year my family wants to know why we go through all this work and sometimes I even wonder myself.

Anyway, it's all put away and the house is back to "normal", whatever that is. After all the excesses of the holidays I like the clean, uncluttered look.

Christmas is a wonderful, special time but I'm afraid that the true meaning gets overlooked with all the hoopla we engage in. I'm ready to put the hoopla aside and dig into God's Word and draw near to Him. If I'm serious about giving my year to Him, I need to be seeking Him today, tomorrow, every day!

So, what's on your agenda for 2011? As you know, a year is made up of 365.25 days. Don't let them get away from you! Make the most of each one for they all add up and they're shaping your future.

Welcome 2011!


Farmchick said...

The new year has started off great with everyone well rested and ready to go back to school...sort of. Already looking at a possible snow day on Friday.

Creative Ambitions said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I know how you feel about all the "hoopla". My Christmas decor came down Monday and it feels good to be clean and clutter free!

Reexamining my walk with God... reading His word and serving Him... that's my agenda for this year...

Nice to meet you!