Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guess Who The Girls & I Saw In Concert?

If you're a fan of old musicals, this will mean something to you: Debbie Reynolds!

She sang at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. I bought the tickets last summer as a special surprise for my girls. They both love Debbie Reynolds and were so excited to go. We watched "Singing In The Rain" on Saturday night to get ourselves in the mood. What a voice! Obviously many years have passed since she made that movie but even at 78 years of age Debbie can still belt out a tune.

She looked amazing, was quite a character and entertained us thoroughly. She told us she's been in show business for 64 years. 64 years! It was touching to hear all her stories about the people in show business that she had worked with that are all gone now: Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, Judy Garland and more.

I'm not a huge fan of the entertainment industry, in fact, I think it's pretty dysfunctional for the most part. However, I love the old musicals: Singing in the Rain, Annie Get Your Gun, Calamity Jane, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Meet Me in St. Louis, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady and more. It seems like Debbie Reynolds is the only one left from that era. I'm glad we were able to see her perform.

Bravo, Ms. Reynolds!


Leah Marie said...

that was really awesome to be able so see her. i loved hearing her sing:] i wish you could've sat by us, though!

Can do mom said...

Yes, like a true loving mother I gave my girls the best seats. If we were willing to split up I could get them 2 tier one balcony seats right off the stage. I sat in the row behind them. A good seat, but not as good as theirs.

emily said...

Great post, ma! It was such a fun show. :) Thanks for giving us the best seats.

P.S. I'll miss you this week!