Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prom Preparations

Leah and her "hairdresser", Emily.

Look at the beautiful corsage that Dad bought for his sweet daughter.

Jessie, Leah and Emily who has changed hats from hairdresser to photographer.

Aren't they beautiful?

What the girls wish they could drive to the prom: Dad's jeep!

Emily, doing her world-famous scarf dance.

The girls standing by Tex, Jessie's car and transportation for the night.

Sparkly and beautiful!

Do you sense a theme here?

Leah stopped next door to show Grandma her dress.

I know, I know, I keep talking about how I can't believe how quickly my children are growing and Prom is but one more example of this truth.  Leah, our "baby" girl attended a homeschool prom on Friday night with her friend, Jessie at a local country club.

They had a great time and as you can see by the photos above, they were the belles of the ball.  While their outward beauty is obvious to see, what I appreciate even more is their inner beauty. 

As I watch my girls grow up (that includes their friend, Jessie, too) I feel blessed to be their mother.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to raise such lovely young ladies!


Leah Marie said...

Aw thanks, mom!
I'm so glad I'm your daughter, too!
And, hey, I had to get my looks from someone! Thanks a lot! Ha ha :)


Michelle said...

Beautiful girls! Love that sparkly dress!

Libbie said...

WOW!!! She looks stunning! So pretty and her dress is just gorgeous! I didn't even know they had homeschoool prom but it sure sounds like fun!!!

I am sitting here feeling for you watching her grow up! It is tough on these Mama hearts! So glad she had a wonderful night!!!