Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mother/Daughter Cookie Exchange

The closet is full and boots, mittens and coats
are spilling out into the front entry.
A sure sign that a party is in full swing!
Hannah and Emily. We are so blessed
to have Hannah's family back in our area!

What are Emily and Jessie so excited about?
Could it be all those yummy cookies?!

Leah and Caelynn.
Isn't Caelynn adorable? I have a softspot
for little girls and party dresses with big bows in their hair.

Another adorable little girl, Ashlyn and her mom, Andrea.
Big smiles from wonderful friends!

Leah and Amanda, looking festive for the party.

Errin (my sister), Karen, Hope and myself.
Are we happy to be together or because we got all our
cookies finished for the party? Both!

Friends visiting, cookies to share and sweet treats to eat.
What's not to love?

This was taken before ALL the cookies were placed on our dining room
table. Even with both leaves in, the table was completely full.
That's a lot of cookies!

My girls were aghast because I did not do a post on our third annual "Mother - Daughter Cookie Exchange". I guess I just got busy but thought I'd throw a quick post in (is there such a thing?) about our holiday party that we host at the beginning of December every year.

It all began with my eldest daughter, Emily, who loves to throw a party. She had been asking me for years to put something like this together. Finally, three years ago, we went ahead and did it! We created invitations, mailed them to our friends and had our first cookie exchange. Now we're three years into doing it and just had another wonderful evening with friends a couple weeks ago. It is fun to make up a bunch of cookies and swap with friends to get a large variety of treats. We ask each participating family to bake ten dozen cookies to exchange and when we get together, we swap.

It forces me to get the house cleaned and decorated early in the season which is always a good thing. We like to have the party before we put the tree up because we usually have full house. This year there were 35 of us! We invited our entire 4H group. What a lovely bunch of mothers and daughters.

Usually we play a game but this year we were having so much fun visiting that we didn't even get to it. Here's to friends and fellowship at the holidays. May your holidays be blessed with friends and a few sweet treats, too!
P.S. I need to add that we are equal opportunity cookie exchange hosts. For those wanting to attend without a daughter, I graciously offer to share mine for the evening. Women without children, women with sons, come one, come all, you are welcome here!


emily said...

what a great time! i love cookies & friends. :)

Shelley said...

How fun!
I went to an ornament exchange party last night. It was very fun too!! :)

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Looks like a wonderful time at your party.