Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Old Fashioned Blizzard!

A fox squirrel hiding from the snow on our deck.
Doesn't he look miserable? Usually they're after the birdseed
at our birdfeeders and I let the dogs chase them away but
I let this little guy stay put.

Here he is, a little later, watching me in the kitchen
from the railing.

The day after. The truck has thigh-high snowdrifts around it!

Those are my shrubs and rosebushes that are about 24-30" tall,
just peeking out of the snow!

I'm thankful I filled the birdfeeders before the storm.
I'll bet the birds and squirrels are too!

Looking down at the truck from the bonus room above the garage.

Here's a different squirrel, taking a nap on the top of our column
on our deck. He was there for over an hour and it was subzero temps
outside! I thought he'd frozen to death but when Daniel went out
to check it out, the squirrel jumped up and ran away.
Their blood must be made of antifreeze!

The troops coming to rescue us! It's my brother-in-law and nephews
from next door. They made a pass down 2/3 of the driveway so that Mike
and Daniel could get in when they got back home. Thanks guys!

My brother-in-law Neal, hard at work. It's good
to live next door to family when your husband is gone and a blizzard hits!

We're getting hit with a good old fashioned blizzard today here in Wisconsin. I'm not that old, but old enough to have experienced the winter blizzards of the 70's and 80's which I've heard referred to as a mini-ice age. Not sure about that but I do know that the winters were much snowier back then. My younger brother and I used to be able to do back flips off the roof of the machine shed into the big snowdrifts below. Yep, no doubt about it, we got more snow back then!

When my children hear stories like this, they sigh and pine for snowy winters like yesteryear. Until today that is. My middle daughter tells me she's had enough of this snow and she wants it to stop snowing! We're invited to go sliding at our friends' home about five miles away and we probably won't be going. Not only do they have the best sliding hill around, they even have their very own tow rope! Their oldest son built it last summer and fall with a little help from his father. Very cool! Sigh - if only we weren't snowed in and could go and give it a couple runs...

The weathermen tell us the snow will be ending this evening but tomorrow brings extremely cold temperatures and lots of wind to whip the snow around. It's too early to tell but we will probably get over a foot of new snow, added to the ten or twelve inches we already had. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Instead of playing outside we're wrapping a few gifts, listening to Handel's Messiah (saw the production at St. Paul's Cathedral just a couple nights ago - magical!) and drinking hot tea. All in all, not a bad day. I'll feel better when my husband and son make it home safely from our cabin 125 miles away. We're hoping tomorrow will be a better day for travel.

Stay warm my friends!
P.S. This post was written on Saturday and not posted until today. The guys made it home safely and we're all plowed out now. It's bitterly cold now though - subzero temps all day long. Let's hope tomorrow is warmer for Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army!


Shelley said...

Yes, it was something else. May I ask... which part of WI are you in? Just on the other side of the Twin Cities? We've lived in our current house for almost seven years and this was by far the most "snowed in" I've ever felt.

Can do mom said...

We're probably not that far from you Shelley, in Western WI about 30-40 minutes east of St. Paul. I love our location, far enough out to be rural but close enough to drive in to the cities for art lessons, Orchestra Hall concerts, etc.

I usually am the first one out in the snow but for some reason, not this time. I haven't spent any time outdoors yet since the big snow. I promised my little guy we'd have a snowball fight as soon as it's 10 degrees ABOVE zero!

Farmchick said...

We are snowy here in KY and very cold. Quite early for us to be having this extreme weather, but nothing like yours. BTW, you asked about my camera. I use a Canon 50D Digital SLR.

Shelley said...

My mom lives in WI just across the river from us. She really likes her location too. Easy access to many things but not in it all.

Yes, I'm just starting to look through the cookbooks but when I have a little more of a grasp on them, I'll give some feedback. :)

Enjoy your chilly day. :)

Hector said...

pic # 2 = perfect broadside shot ;)
for once, im glad i live here cause we didnt get near that much snow so we dont have to shovel!