Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Packer - Viking Football Game!

We had great seats, Row 11 on the end zone.

My now officially "football loving" girls. Note Emily wore my
cycling jacket in hopes of catching a cameraman's eye!

That's Aaron Rodgers, Packer QB getting ready to hand off
the football. He had a great game!

Emily and I, cheering for opposite teams.
(Don't ask me why, she's a Viking fan!)

The final score. The fans were chanting to fire Childress,
the Vikings head coach. He was fired the next day!

Mike's supplier very graciously gave us four tickets to the Packer - Viking football game last Sunday. Mike and I have gone a few times (tickets all from this same supplier!) and we've always brought Daniel. This time he opted to stay home so the girls came with us and experienced their very first professional football game.

They were not really that excited about going but found it to be a great time, even if we were surrounded by Viking fans. The game started out loud but I noticed the decibel level decreasing markedly as it progressed. That's because the Pack was dominating the Vikes my friends! :) It was a sight to behold.

We left a couple minutes before the game ended in an effort to beat the crowds and as I walked up the stairs I thought to myself, "that's probably the last time I'll ever see Bret Favre play football." Based on his performance that day it might not be such a bad thing. :(

Anyway, it was a fun day for all of us. We're very fortunate that Joe chose to share his tickets with us. Thanks Joe - and, GO PACK GO!


Leah Marie said...

heck, i was excited to go! & if i'm correct, i'm the only one who was planning on going to whole time!

Lindsay said...

Oh, it looks like y'all had a great time! How fun. :)

Hector said...

ya I'm thinkin that Emily is right about bein a king fan.

Libbie said...

No comment :) From a vikes fan ;)