Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spending Revolt

I went to a "Spending Revolt" rally last night. In essence, it was a group of conservative minded people coming together to protest the level of spending and growing debt in our country.

This is what it says on an informational postcard I picked up at the rally:

"What is Spending Revolt?

Spending Revolt is a coalition of taxpayers, families, small business owners, and public policy organizations dedicated to educating and engaging citizens on the mounting federal debt, fiscal policy and government spending.

The Spending Revolt Tour seeks to expose the damage rampant government spending is doing to our economy and our families. We believe that "We the People" working together can force the changes needed in Washington to set our nation back on a path of leadership and prosperity.

Use your voice and speak out now."

I enjoyed listening to a few local candidates and Joe the Plumber. Remember him? He's the guy who asked President Obama (who was just running for office then) how his proposed tax changes would affect him and his business. Maybe it's because we're self employed in the construction industry like him but I really felt for the guy and the attacks he endured being dragged into the public spotlight. Anyway, he's appeared to weather it well and is now a part of the Spending Revolt tour crisscrossing America in an effort to fire people up enough to get involved and make a difference in our country. We had a great conversation after he spoke and he graciously agreed to have his photo taken with me, which is posted above.

It was an invigorating message and one I think more people need to hear! If you're interested, you can find out more on their website at www.SpendingRevolt.com.

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Leah Marie said...

i kinda wish i would've gone now. oh well, maybe next time. :]