Thursday, August 19, 2010

Make A Plan!

About a month ago I began my weight loss journey and am happy to report that I am sticking with it and have lost nine pounds thus far. My total goal is 15-20 pounds so I am roughly halfway there.

In addition to losing weight I've been taking care of other health related needs: I had my eyes checked, teeth cleaned, am in the middle of taking care of crowning a lower molar that I had been putting off, had a mammogram, bone density scan and a colonoscopy in which I was pronounced healthy! Whew!

I have been reading about other peoples' plans and so have been inspired to come up with a plan and list of goals of my own:

Weight loss and exercise goals:

Lose 15-20 pounds (nine pounds lost so far)
Wear clothes that I have not been able to fit into
Exercise at least 60 minutes a day
Interval training 3 times a week
Weight training 2 times a week
Get stronger

Eating and health goals:

Limit myself to six servings of carbs and 20 grams of sugar per day
Eat more vegetables and more fiber (kind of goes hand in hand)
Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
Cook more healthy meals from scratch
Maintain daily vitamin regimen
Get eight hours of sleep a night

To jazz up my workout routine I just ordered an Indo balance board which arrived yesterday. I haven't used it that much but the little bit I was on it was fun and challenging. I'll post more about it later.

I hope to reach my weight goal by October 1st. That gives me 42 days to lose up to ten more pounds. My goal is a little bit in flux because I want to achieve a realistic weight that I don't have to starve myself to maintain and I'm not sure where that magic number is for me. Time will tell I'm sure.

So, what are your goals and what are you doing to achieve them?


Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Congratulations to you too! 9 pounds lost...that is great! I can't wait to hear more about the Indo board. It looks like it will be a lot of fun and something different.

Leah Marie said...

looks like you had a great photographer there. ;]
lacey, like always, looks.. adorable? i don't know if that's the right word for the look she has here.
keep up the good work, mom! you look great.

Shy Wolf said...

I dunno, Mom- you ain't dressed in one o' those there t-v "I lost 90 pounds of myself on the roadway" swim suits, but if you ask me, lose much more and you're gonna blow away.
Lookin' good, Lady.

Shy Wolf said...

Mom, thank you much for stopping by- always a blessing to see you, or read you. Praise God for the wonderful works He is performing in your life.
Here's a link to what you commented on- lots of information for you to play with, think about, and learn. Also, the left side of the page has a list of affiliated clubs- no need to be a member to find them- and there're quite a few in your territory. (Can't resist :D )
Thanks again, always a pleasure.
May our Lord continue to richly bless you.

Kate said...

Good for you on the loss so far! I lost 15 lbs and am working on these last three. Hrmph. Maybe I can carve them off with a butter knife?