Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Summer

I love summer. I love the warm weather, the freedom, the long days, the thunderstorms, listening to the birds while sitting out on the screen porch, reading a good book, walking with my sister most mornings, bike rides, lazy days at the cabin, walking with dogs out on our trails, all the beautiful wildflowers blooming in the fields... The list goes on and on.

I'm enjoying this summer a lot. Our trip out west in June was amazing. July has been great too: celebrating Independence Day at the cabin with family. We've had more free time this past month and it's been heavenly. The county fair is over and the children all did well. In fact, we got all blue ribbons except on two art projects that my son forgot to sign and date. If he'd have signed and dated them he would have gotten blues on them both, but, alas, he did not. They were framed and under glass (by yours truly, thank you very much) or I would have whipped out a pen right there, although there's something to be said for the judge teaching him the importance of following directions.

July is wrapping up and then it's August and I start to feel sorrowful for the pending ending of all the lovely things I've mentioned above. I want to wring every little bit of joy that I can out of the next four and a half weeks. Don't leave me yet Summer! I'm not ready to let go. I want to revel in your hot, glorious, sun-kissed days!

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Auntie Cake said...

Hello There!
Finally got my comptuer fixed,can't believe I went that long without it, but it was nice not having to tell my youngest to "get off the comptuer" every five minutes...

Looks like you are having a wonderful summer. Can you believe this weather? I am not quite sure where you are in good old Wisconsin, but am thinking you might be in the areas that have gotten hit by the thunderstorms the last two to three weeks. Hope you didn't have any damage. My in-law's have a farm out of Boyceville and my kids pretty much live there all summer. (And when they are home, then they stay with my parents, my kids just stay with whomever has the best food in the cupboards at the time...)

It has been a glorious summer, at some point, I will throw a post up, but it's much too lovely a summer to spend any time on the computer!