Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Hay Ride Party!

Every year, without fail, Mike's sister, Brenda and her husband, Tony, host an annual Fall Hay Ride Party the last Saturday of September.  It is great fun and we look forward to a day filled with fun, food, friends, family, food, games, hayrides, dancing and did I mention lots of delicious food? 

Daniel is giving the gunny sack race his best effort!
The egg toss is always a fun event.  Look carefully and you can see the eggs flying in the background!
Oops!  Throw it a little too hard and this is what you get!
We always have a tug of war, girls against the boys.  The girls ALWAYS win!
My great nephews are adorable as they wrestle for the weapon...
He's not giving up!
But older brother prevails, for now!
My girls at the garden shed.
My "adopted" daughter, Jessie!
A portion of Tony's sizeable tractor collection for young and old alike.
The girls and I with our happy faces...
The contempt photo.  It's turned into a family joke.  Don't ask why but it makes me laugh!
There's even live music and dancing!
The girls having fun taking a spin on the dance floor.
Mike and I on a hay ride.
I love going to this party every year because I always get to see so many family members and friends at one time.  Brenda and Tony really go all out to put on a stellar event that the whole neighborhood looks forward to.

Good times, good times.  Thanks Brenda and Tony for a day full of fun family memories!


WendyBee said...

Oh my Gosh! That looks like soooooo much fun! You and your girls are gorgeous, and the "contempt"photo is hilarious.
Yup, your BIL/SIL really know how to put on a shindig. Every family should have so much fun together.

Libbie said...

You guys have all the fun! We are having our fall party next weekend but I am thinking it is gonna be a tad on the cold side :) I like the dancing! Not many chances to do that much anymore :)

It would be fun to meet someday! & you are right the horses would be a perfect excuse! & you know...I drag Kate most places... So that shouldn't be a problem :)