Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Step Into My "Office"!

Here it is, in all its glory: My new office! I'm not sure what's more impressive, the location in the midst of the boots, the fine folding table that is my desk or the cushy chair I sit on. It's all part of my new job, working with my sister at her tack and riding/show apparel business.

I also get to work with her other fine employees, who have worked for their aunt for years. Yes, that's my darling daughter #1 at the computer. She's so brilliant that she's setting up a web store for the business. I can assure you that I will not be working on that any time soon.

Then there's my other sweet daughter who toils and slaves wherever she is needed. Over the years Errin has built quite the business selling anything and everything you would want or need if you own, ride or show horses.

So, how did I get involved in the enterprise? Well, I am the newest salesperson to enter the ranks and my lovely daughter is modeling one of the outfits I will be listing on eBay. My sister has a nose for a bargain and picks up various closeouts from her vendors throughout the year and in her zeal has accumulated quite a backlog of clothing.

So, I hauled our little folding table and chair down the hill to the store, set up my "office" in the boot corner and thus my new business venture has begun! My sister and I make a great team and I'm excited to be able to work with her and earn a little extra income. I love the flexibility and she loves that the boxes of clothing she's storing will, hopefully, soon be sold, making room for the fall lines coming in.

If you've read my earlier posts about the girls and my travels, you'll know that we've been bitten by the travel bug. My sweet husband has informed me that future travels will have to self-financed as he does not intend to work until he's 80 so that the children and I can trot the globe and I do not blame him. I look at this as a win/win/win: I'm earning money for future travels or to help out with family expenses, I'm helping Errin reduce her inventory that she wants to sell and best of all, I get to spend more time with my sister in the process! What's not to love?


Farmchick said...

Nice office!! Looks like you have a nice group of ladies to work with.

Leslie said...

This DOES sound like a win/win! Cute post :)

p.s. I sent a reply to your comment about my lost glasses - don't know if it got to you because it went to blogger's "no-reply" address. At any rate, I wish you were here to find my glasses for me!

(and thanks for all your lovely comments lately, I've really enjoyed them.)

Emily said...

Nice office. Your co-workers sure do look fab while on the job. ;) No, but really, you do a good job and are on top of everything like a pro.

Leah Marie said...

You are so lucky to have such fab co-workers. I mean, it looks like some of them could be models! ;)
Ha ha just kidding, Mom. Love the office- and the rug.

Libbie said...

Now that is a fun work arrangement! Such cute employees she has :) & a corner office! Lucky girl :) I can imagine all the fun you girls have together! Makes me want to work!