Monday, March 14, 2011

ADHD Cleaning House - Part 2

If you read my earlier post about my ADHD house cleaning tendencies, you'll remember the chaos that followed my attempt to clean the house, change the winter for spring decor and pull, organize and price books to sell for the upcoming used book sale.

Happily, after a lot of work on Saturday, the house is back in order and looking far more spring-like!

The china cabinet is displaying our spring-floral tea set
and the pretty colored glassware my mother gave me.

If you look closely, you'll see little shells peeking out around the candles.

Even the hall table has one of Leah's pretty little floral arrangements
that she made for me. I've got them all over the house.
They're easy to make and brighten an area like a smile on your face.

I swapped out the winter greenery and wreath with
a spring wreath, tulle and flower petals.

A close-up view of the mantle looking light and bright.

What is this you ask?! Let me reintroduce you to
my library floor. It was there all along, hiding under
piles of books. Imagine that!
Where are those books now? Well...
They've been boxed up and are hiding in the entry closet
until the book sale, four weeks away.
Thankfully, we don't use this closet much.
Last but not least, Leah cleaned the bonus room for
me yesterday afternoon. I helped a little and together
we got it spiffed up. Hurrah!
Hmmmm... I wonder where I can go and create a little chaos today? ;)
Blessings to you today in blogland, friends!


A Joyful Chaos said...

It looks beautiful now. When I do deep cleaning on our house it always gets worse before better too.


Farmchick said...

It looks great! I am going to do a deep cleaning around here on our spring break. I can't wait to throw some stuff away!

Keelie said...

Wow!! you have a Beautiful home!! I need to get it in gear and do some cleaning/organizing, too!

Thank you for visiting my blog and always leaving sweet, encouraging comments! It means a lot:)


Leslie said...

It looks beautiful! Worth the chaos to get there : )

Kathy said...

I love it ALL !!!! Everything looks fabulous. : )