Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So, Where Were YOU Last Night?!

Why do I ask? Well, because I had the joy of spending my late night and early morning hours in a local hospital emergency room! Ugh! Not that I'm bashing the ER mind you, it's a lifesaver if you need it. Get my little joke there, lifesaver? Pretty funny, huh?

I might have mentioned that my dad died of a cardiac arrest. If I talk about this too much it's because I was three and a half and I witnessed the event. It definitely made an impact on me. I haven't talked about my dad much but everyone tells me what a wonderful man he was. He used to be a grocery store manager in the same small town I live in and at lunch time he would help the kindergarten children cross a busy street in front of the store. What a guy! He also told his new son-in-law (as they were heading to California right after their wedding) that if he didn't take care of his new wife that he had my dad to deal with. I wasn't there but was informed that this was said in all seriousness with tears coming down my dad's face. Stories like that make me feel cheated, but I digress.

A side effect of early hysterectomies is an increased risk for heart issues later in life. Couple that with my dad's early death of a cardiac arrest and my high cholesterol and even with my healthy lifestyle, I'm at a higher risk for heart issues.

So, last night I had chest pain that lasted for hours on end. My middle daughter who took the CPR/AED class with me last summer insisted I call the doctor. I didn't want to because I knew, I KNEW it would mean a trip in to the ER. There isn't a doctor alive who would tell you to ignore chest pain. "Oh, that's nothing Mrs. _____, just ignore that chest pain, get a good night's sleep and I'm sure you'll be fine in the morning..." Yeah, right!

You know the rest. I was told to get myself to the doctor ASAP and like an obedient child I went, knowing that our HSA deductible would be met before I was through. I can think of a million other ways I'd rather spend that money, but what's done is done.

I had an EKG, drank some vile drink to take care of the problem if indeed it was GI related (it was not), had a CT scan which revealed my heart and the surrounding arteries look fine but showed a nodule growth in my right lung.

I learned a few things through all this: My blood pressure is great and I have a superb resting heart rate in the low 50's. The nurse commented that they typically see that in well-conditioned athletes, HAH! So, a 45 year old woman who walks everyday isn't in such bad shape after all, heh heh... I was also told by the man who operated the CT scan that I was his BEST PATIENT EVER. EVER! Well, I should have gotten a sticker or something for that but I plan to use this information randomly with my children just to drive them crazy. Turns out he works the night shift and usually has drunk people who throw up all over his machine so I guess my competition makes my new title an easy achievement. I don't care! Best CT scan patient in my community, that's me, got that people?

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, I have amazing veins as well. I already knew this from my earlier doctoring days. The nurses ooh and ahh over my veins with great regularity. They're large and right in the middle of the inside of my elbow crook, just right for sticking with large needles. Another title I will wear with pride: the lady with great veins!

All that poking and prodding left the doctor scratching his head and a diagnosis of Atypical Chest Pain. You know what that means? It means that they don't know what it is or what is causing it! So, for mucho $$$ I have earned myself two new titles, sacrificed a few hours of sleep and charmed the CT scan fellow with my sparkling conversation and wit.

Just so you know I'm no slacker, I was out walking with my mom and sister at 6:45 this morning. Dear husband thinks I'm crazy and he's probably right!


Keelie said...

Wow! That sounds scary. I'm sorry they couldn't figure out what was wrong. That''s frustrating. So what about the lung nodule? Anything have to be done about that?

Your dad sounds like a really neat guy.. Must be where you get it :)

Thanks, as always, for your consistent and encouraging comments on my blog!


Katherine Sophia said...

Yikes! ER visits are so annoying... but I'm glad you're fine!!!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Oh, what a crazy night! Sorry it was mucho money, but I am glad you went and got it checked out. So what happened with the pains? DId they just stop?

Leah Marie said...

i'm just glad you're ok, mom! i just wanted to be safe, rather then be sorry. :]
you still have to stick around for a few more years.

Can do mom said...

Oh, I plan to torment you for Y-E-A-R-S to come Leah! Heh, heh, heh...

No, I haven't been officially diagnosed and the pain was still there this morning but I don't feel any pain now.

The nodule is another matter. It's really small, 3mm, and they can be there for a variety of reasons so I'm not worried about it but the doctor wants me to have another CT scan in a couple months to check it and make sure it's not growing. Grrrrr, that's what I hate about having had cancer. Every little thing, or nodule rather, needs to be checked out just to be sure.