Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not Shopping While Going to Sam's Club

Ok, I admit, it was a foolish idea to go to Sam's Club at the very beginning of my non-shopping experiment. I seem to fall under a spell when I walk in that store. I inevitably walk out with at least one item I hadn't planned on buying. Not today. I was determined to return an item and purchase a few groceries and nothing more.

Well... the return went relatively smooth but as the children and I walked through the store, skiing helmets caught my eye. Our family downhill skiis and I insist upon the children wearing helmets and I wear one too. Anyway, my youngest outgrew his skiing helmet last year and so there we were, in Sam's Club and what do we see but winter sports helmets. They had his size and he liked the style, they were righteous, dude! (Just thought I'd throw a little snowboard vernacular in there for you.) It's definitely a mandatory purchase because I value that precious little head of my wild and woolly skiier who just told me his number one goal in skiing this year is to do both a front and a back flip. He's fearless!

So of course the helmet was thrown in the cart. Next we hit the dogfood aisle and from there it added up fast. Throw a few groceries in the cart and I knew we'd break $100.00. Ugh.

I also had to purchase a few items for the art class that the children and I go to on Tuesday mornings. Two brushes and watercolor paints. I'm having a blast in that class, by the way. It's in St. Paul and they let me attend even though I'm a homeschool mom instead of a homeschool student. I love it.

All told, we did $129.89 in damage today. Sigh. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow and just to be on the safe side I'm not going back to Sam's any time soon.

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